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4 Explicit Reasons Your Home Needs Motorised Blinds

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

This is 2019, and everything is becoming ‘smart.’ The adoption of technology into various daily task has proven to be very helpful in achieving better and faster results. With smart home technology, you can now get your home cleaned, get dishes washed, control temperature and lighting and so on, all automatically.

Motorised window blinds are fast becoming popular in many homes across the globe, and you should install them in your house too. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, if there are any, and you would find it relieving to do away with traditional window blinds. Here are four amazing benefits of using motorised window blinds for your home.


This is the biggest pro for using motorised window blinds. You can finally do away with getting up now and then to open or close your curtains. Motorised window blinds are automated and can be closed or opened by pressing a button on your remote control, or operating a dedicated app on your smartphone. It’s that easy. Rather than having to pull blinds one after the other, you can operate them all at once. You can also set schedules for when your blinds should be opened or closed. Motorised blindsare smart and comfortable.

Energy Saving

The automation of motorised blinds ensures that energy is conserved. Smart thermostats use a range of data such as weather, room temperature, time of the day, etc., to determine if your blinds should be open or close. The motorised blind is connected to the smart home technology and is very efficient in reducing HVAC usage. You can save energy on other home equipment such as the air conditioning system especially. Lower energy transforms into lower bills to settle at the end of the month.


Traditional blinds operate using cords, and these cords have on many occasions hurt innocent children and pets. Children are notorious for playing with the cords, and that is no fault of theirs because children will always be children. In extreme cases, there has been fatal injuries recorded, and every parent knows the struggle with children and the cords of blinds. However, motorised blinds do away with these and are safe for the whole home.

Also, the automation of the blinds can help you simulate the appearance of being at home even when the whole family is away. This act can protect your home from unlawful invasions and theft.

Protection Of Furniture And Other Home Effects

UV rays from the sun have been known to damage furniture, flooring, wall paint, artworks, etc. Excessive rays cause these effects to wear out and their colours to fade. With traditional curtains, you have to be opening and closing the curtains at appropriate times, but the tendency for error is high. Alas, this possibility is erased with the automation of motorised blinds.

You should have started to consider getting your motorised window blinds by now. If you are considering it, be advised that its installation price might be a bit over the edge but its worth the cost.

By Nick Guli

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